Yandex Browser 1.5.1106.241 for Windows 10


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Yandex Browser is a simple and easy-to-use web browser. Loading web pages very quickly and is very user-friendly search and address bar that can be used both for browsing and search a variety of information on the net. Yandex browser uses the WebKit modern, popular among programmers. However, GUI browser is based on Chromium code free (open source). The program makes it convenient to import bookmarks from Google Chrome settings. Yandex Browser also offers: - the possibility of increasing the efficiency of your browser when loading sites using the built-in Opera Turbo technology - convenient and clear interface - Compatible with Google Chrome settings - the availability of the most important plugins that allow reading of PDF and Flash movies in `u, - secures your computer when you run the harmful and hazardous sites (supporting technology in the cloud and the latest Kaspersky Lab.)